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What are the common purchase and use strategies for the 5th and 7th batteries in the home?

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Since the battery, many consumers have found little knowledge about the battery, and even the 5th and 7th batteries are not clear. There are many misunderstandings during purchase and use, which cost a lot of money. Make up your mind to write a list of commonly used 5 and 7 battery purchase and use strategies for the general consumer. Other models of batteries, if you need it, add it later.

Common battery model

First, the model of commonly used batteries: 5th battery, 7th battery

The most commonly used batteries in the home are the 5th and 7th batteries.

The 5th battery, also known as the AA battery, is the most widely used, with dimensions of 14mm in diameter and 49mm in height. The thickness is about the same as an adult index finger.

The 7th battery is also called AAA battery, and its size is 1mm in diameter and 44mm in height. The thickness is similar to the adult little finger.

The No. 5 battery is longer and thicker than the No. 7 battery. Generally speaking, the No. 7 turtle pool is used in the home appliance, and the No. 5 is used in the camera, razor and wall clock.

battery. The battery model for toys is quite complicated. You should confirm the type of original battery and then purchase it.

Second, the type of commonly used batteries: alkaline batteries, carbon batteries, rechargeable batteries

Household batteries are generally divided into dry batteries and rechargeable batteries. The dry battery is a disposable battery and cannot be recharged. The commonly used dry battery type is alkaline.

Pool and carbon battery, working voltage 1.5 volts. The rechargeable battery is a battery that can be used repeatedly with the charger. Now it uses a wide range of rechargeable batteries.

The pool is a nickel-metal hydride battery with an operating voltage of 1.2 volts.

The key question is, should you buy alkaline batteries, carbon batteries, or rechargeable batteries?

The price of a single-cell alkaline battery is 2-3 times that of a brand-name carbon battery of the same specification, but the capacity is at least three times that of the same brand of carbon battery. Alkaline electricity

Pools are often used on appliances that consume a lot of power or have a high termination voltage, such as cameras, toy cars, flashlights, razors, electric toothbrushes,

wireless mouse. How to understand the termination voltage requirements are relatively high? For example, some high-end cameras, microphones, especially some models of Canon's

The machine has a low voltage protection function. When the battery voltage is lower than a certain value, it stops working to protect the appliance. At this time, the working voltage is 1.2 volts.

Most rechargeable batteries cannot drive these appliances, and alkaline batteries with a discharge voltage of 1.5 volts still work. That's why less

High-end electrical appliances recommend the use of high-quality alkaline batteries.

Since alkaline batteries are more cost-effective than carbon batteries, why buy carbon batteries? Carbon batteries are suitable for low operating current and power consumption.

Not much electrical appliances, such as remote controls, clocks, radios, telephone landlines, calculators, game consoles, etc. Many wall clocks, remote controls, games

The circuit of the handle is designed according to the power supply characteristics of the carbon battery. It is required to use a carbon battery, if a rechargeable battery with a large operating current is used.

Alkaline batteries may burn out the circuit. A master customer who sold watches told me that many movements of watches cannot use alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Pool, only carbon batteries.

Although the working voltage of the rechargeable battery is only 1.2v, it can replace the alkali in most cases due to the small internal resistance.

Battery. A good quality rechargeable battery can be repeatedly charged and amplified several hundred times, plus the charger, although the first purchase amount is large, but the price is good

Still higher than alkaline batteries, it is also more environmentally friendly. Of course, because it takes time to recharge, and the self-discharge of the rechargeable battery is more serious than the disposable battery.

Much more, rechargeable batteries are more troublesome to use than disposable batteries.

To sum up, if you need to buy batteries for power-hungry appliances such as cameras, toy cars, razors, etc., it is recommended to consider rechargeable batteries and alkaline.

Battery, it is best not to buy carbon batteries cheaply. For low-power remote controls, clocks, radios, etc., cheap carbon batteries

enough. There are appliances with high termination voltage in the home. It is recommended to buy high quality alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

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